Wednesday, January 29, 2003

My Limits

Okay, I'm lactose-intolerant (I'm a Christian: of course I'm intolerant!) and can't eat most fruit (due to fructose?) or invertebrate seafood without digestive trouble. I don't eat meat on Mondays as a sort of sacrifice, similar to how Catholics don't eat meat or poultry on Fridays. With Lent coming up, I'll be giving up candy, iced tea, and soda again (that I give up food like that should tell you something about my maturity level). Now, to add bitter insult to greivous injury, Marmite may be on the list of prohibited foods. Seriously, I'm getting to the stage of vegetables, pasta, and water. I know of worse cases, but darnit, I'm an American! I shouldn't have to take this! Of course, the whole lactose-intolerance thing has meant that I'm not eating pizza and ice cream at every meal and have thus gained a mere four pounds since coming to college, but still. Thankfully, most meats except harsh things like pepperoni are fine. It'll be a sad day when I can't eat roast beef, sausages, or fried fish, though. They can have my cod when they pry it out of my cold, dead, small intestine.

Sorry, just needed to vent. I've decided to ask God to at least let me keep Marmite, much like I made a specific request to be able to keep lemonade. I understand that we can't have everything, and I know how lucky I am to even have food whenever I want it, but I'm rapidly approaching the food-and-water stage. Leave me roast beef, cod, pasta, bread, corn, peas, broccoli, Marmite, and tea and I'll be fine. Giving up corned beef and cabbage would be a bitter loss as well, too.

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