Thursday, January 02, 2003

Bowl Trip Report

Yes, the Virginia Tech Hokies beat the Air Force Academy Falcons 20-13 at the Diamond Walnuts San Francisco Bowl. There were some calls that the Hokie faithful found a bit, ahem, questionable, but in the end, Better triumphed over Good, and we were vindicated. Apparently, even the ESPN announcers were surprised at the calls, so I think it's safe to say that we have a case for declaring those bad calls.

In other bowl news, Notre Dame lost yet another bowl by an embarassing margin. They need to either join a conference or buzz off. I'm told that Notre Dame has a tradition of remaining independent in football (though not in any other sports). The Big East has a tradition of going to the bowls we deserve and winning them. Notre Dame apparently does not share this tradition. The Big East is a combined 3-1 in bowls so far this year, with Miami yet to play. In three of the past four years, a Big East team has played for the national championship. At present, half the teams in the Big East are ranked. We are a serious conference. Join us, join another conference, or be satisfied with the Humanitarian Bowl.

In related news, UVA still doesn't have class.

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