Monday, January 13, 2003

Accidental Lack of Modesty...

My Indian hallmate informs me that the word "pundit," from the Sanskrit "pandit," is the term used for a very learned and scholarly man. I had thought that it just meant "commentator" when I created HokiePundit. This seems to happen to me a lot. My AIM Screen Name is ElGuapoSiempre, which translates as "The Handsome One, Forever." I created this back when I wore heavy glasses, didn't look in the mirror before going to school, did a poor job of shaving, and looked at the ground a lot and didn't smile much. Now that I have contacts, make sure I don't look like I got zapped with something, shave against the grain, look up, and smile, I actual look fairly decent, and have been told that people will probably think I'm arrogant for choosing the SN that I did. It's my opinion (seriously) that I probably am too arrogant for my own good, but I probably need to stop saying things about myself that look like I'm fishing for compliments.

Okay, enough introspection for the day. I've got to take care of an audition and some other stuff today, and probably should eventually work on those.

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