Thursday, December 12, 2002


As you may know, I work as the server in the Dietrick pasta line MWF during lunch. I've gotten to where I know what a lot of the regulars want, and they all seem to appreciate it. The athletes are easy to remember, not only because they usually want a heaping plate of pasta drenched with sauce and tend to be huge, but because they're always very polite and friendly. I don't think any current members of the football team are there, but there is a redshirt Freshman and a Junior who just transferred from NC State who I always chat with, and who are pretty cool guys. Today, not knowing that I was already going to the game, one of them offered me a ticket to the San Francisco Bowl, right out of the blue after I'd wished him luck on his finals! I felt bad having to say that I didn't need it, but I was stunned that he'd think of me, his pasta server, and offer to give me something as valuable as that. Wow.

Also today, my friend told me that her roommate liked it when I'm the server there, since I'm always happy and brighten her day. It's weird, since several people have told me lately that they like how I always seem to be happy and never let the world get to me. All I can say is that if that's how I come off, I'm really pleased. I tend to think of a pessimist who's trying hard (with mixed success) to be an optimist. I don't really pretend that I'm happy when I'm not, and I generally try to look on the bright (or at least ironic) side of things. I've been told that saying about how if you try to smile enough, eventually you'll just smile of out of habit. Hopefully, optimism works the same way, and so I'm very happy that people think of me the way they do.

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