Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Blah, blah, blah, I think I'm important...

Enough melodrama. I've been studying the social contract far more than religion lately, and so the theology is a little strained right now. I tend to work better when I'm actually replying to something (typical reactionary that I am).

Finals start this Friday. I've already turned in my final paper for my Russia to Peter the Great class, and ended up with an A- on both the paper and in the course, which isn't too bad (I could've gotten an A if I hadn't slacked off). Friday is when my Political Theory paper is due. I'm supposed to analyze one from a list of movies (I chose Fight Club, since I a) have it on DVD, b) understand it somewhat, and c) don't mind watching it over and over, as opposed to, say, Braveheart or Gladiator) from Marxian and Foucaultian perspectives. It shouldn't be hard, so long as I put forth the effort required. Tuesday is my Latin final, and then I have my Research Methods final on Wednesday. After that, I'll be home and working at the animal hospital over break, when I'm not seeing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and going to the San Francisco Bowl.

Yep, the Hokies are going to the San Francisco Bowl. I'm excited, since I'm getting paid to be there from the 29th to the 1st, and I get a free seat at the game. While I've crossed the Atlantic eight times, and been as far as Toronto and Orlando, Montgomery, Alabama is the furthest west I've ever been, and that was probably at least fifteen years ago. I'm so glad I did band. By my count, I've been on trips to Disney World, Hershey Park, King's Dominion, Toronto, Georgia, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and now San Francisco, getting paid for many of those trips (I could've gone to Lubbock, Texas, as well, but I decided my GPA wouldn't be able to survive it that semester). Unfortunately, as the San Francisco Bowl isn't very major, only 100 of the 330 Marching Virginians will be going. Some sections were cut entirely, and others only have a few representatives, so the Mellophones were lucky in that eight of our twenty-three members will be going. There's a point system, where you get varying numbers of points for being a band officer, being a Rank Captain or Section Leader, for each year you've done MVs, and for each time you've done Pep Band or a music ensemble. Six of our seven Seniors (or Super-Seniors, in one case) want to go, and have points varying from nineteen+ down to eight. Of the people with three years, I've got the most, as I'm a Rank Captain and have done both Pep Band and other ensembles every year so far. That would normally leave one spot, which would probably be taken by a Junior who's a music minor and has done a lot of ensembles, even though she's only been a horn for two years, having transferred from the flags. However, we've also got a Sophomore music major who may have more credits than one of the Seniors, bumping them. A lot of people are really getting shafted, and I feel bad.

Unfortunately, doing my laundry interrupted my blogging, and I forgot what I was going to say (I'll post it later when I remember). To Sherry, Stefie, and all the other college bloggers: good luck on finals!

Semi-relatedly, using "Pundit" as part of my blog-name has been paying off, though I didn't foresee it. I was just mentioned in one of Silflay Hraka's mutilated carols, and I've been part of the Essential Pundits section with Insta and Vodka (yeah right, like you don't know the link) over at Jay Zilber's (thanks to both!).

Unrelatedly, I'm also now a poster over at Sgt. Stryker's Daily Briefing, though I have yet to contribute (a pattern in my life...). I'm thinking that I'll divide my commentary between here, SSDB, the Theology Dep't, and CampusNonsense, though I'm not sure how at the moment. Watch this space for more info (yes, I'm semi-back in I pathetic at quitting or what?).

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