Thursday, December 12, 2002

"Already begun is half done..."

...which means that I'm about 1/4th done with my paper for Political Theory 3016, due tomorrow at 5PM. I'm supposed to analyze Fight Club from the perspectives of Karl Marx and Michel Foucault, with such things as the power of the norm, the panopticon, and modes of production. I haven't decided whether to stay up all night on it, do some now and the rest after a nap, all tomorrow, or something in-between. As I seem to do my best writing at 4AM the day an assignment is due, I'll probably stay up late, complete most of it, and then finish and revise it after I wake up.

After that, I need to try and learn a semester's worth of Latin over one weekend, and then be prepared to analyze a twenty-page paper for my Research Methods 2024 class. Posting will be sporadic, as is my wont.

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