Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Technical Problems: Yep, We've Got That

Okay, two problems:
1. Despite pressing "Republish All," my archive links have all disappeared. I can still access them from the edit window, but I'm concerned that these aren't appearing.
2. According to my Comments box, I need to update my YACCS code. However, when I go to the site, it tells me to delete my current code, go to the Control Panel on Blogger, and automatically have it inserted. Being a liberal arts major, I can't find any such thing as a Control Panel. I've also noticed that Blogger is no longer accepting users. Perhaps they're trying to trick me into un-using their service?

UPDATE: Despite some kind help from Patrick Carver, you can see that Our Hero is still somewhere in-between Canaan and Egypt on this whole Comments thing. Patience is a virtue.

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