Sunday, October 06, 2002


Apparently, I can type 68 words per minute, which stunned me (all this blogging and Instant Messaging hasn't been for nothing!). The last time I took a typing test, back in seventh grade, I had about 40 words per minute, and that was the number I'd been giving out whenever I was asked, which was constantly; random people would come up and demand how many wpm I could type, and it got so bad that I had to buy a katana and flay several of them alive rarely happened. Still, I'm looking for jobs while I'm in Britain, and the ones that actually pay money are mostly temp jobs for things like audio notetaking, and want 50+ wpm. I had thought that I'd need to work to increase my speed, but it seems that slacking off has improved my job skills. Come to think of it, wouldn't that make a great "learn at home" course?

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