Thursday, September 19, 2002

Public Service Announcement

Apparently, with the Hokies rocking right now, people have realized that there's a small chance they could see their favorite conservative evangelical blogging Hokie Mellophone on national TV. Well, Mark Byron and Kevin Holtsberry, at least.

Thus, the official HokiePundit Guide to Finding HokiePundit.

The Marching Virginians sit at the very bottom part of the North stands. The press box is in the West stands, so you should be able to guide off of that. What you're looking for is a huge group of over 300 people wearing white. Several of them may be holding sousaphones (big tubas). Now, that's probably not going to be of much use to you. The Mellophone section is in the upper center-left (sounds like a description of Tony Blair, doesn't it?) portion of the MVs as you're looking at us from the South stands, slightly to the left of the left upright (this is why I managed to catch the first Tech field goal at the Marshall game after it barely sailed though the goalposts last week). Thus, if this is the MV part of the stands, the Xes will represent where Our Hero may be standing:

\_______________________________________ _/
.\ _____ XXXXXXXX ________________________/
..\ ____________________________________ /
...\___________________________________ /

I'm usually towards the center, but that's go guarantee. However, as I'm 6'4" and always wear a bandana at the games, I shouldn't be too hard to spot.

However, as we have over a month until our next home game, you're going to have to wait a while to catch a glimpse.

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