Friday, September 20, 2002

News to Me

Guess what! There's apparently a historic family crest for the Bauer clan!

Now, one problem: Bauer means "peasant." While I have at least one Graf (the German version of a Count) on my father's side, his name wasn't Graf Bauer. I'm going to guess that there's no such thing as the "historic family crest" of the Bauer "clan."

However, I do have a legitimate clan crest, motto, and tartan from my mother's side. The Robertson clan is apparently descended from the King Duncan of Shakespeare's MacBeth, and so I know I've got some royalty in my blood (if the throne of Scotland should ever become vacant, I'm probably around 80 millionth in line!).

Alternatively, I'm an American, without need of anything from my family history but an appreciation for my ancestors' hard work, suffering, and determination. I think I like this option best.

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