Tuesday, September 17, 2002

New Additions

Well, several people were long overdue for making my blogroll, and I hope I've corrected at least the most egregious omissions. Firstly, we have Charles Murtaugh, who's been kind enough to link to me in the past, and who I shamefully neglected to acknowledge. In a like vein, there's also Joshua Sargent, a Roanoke pastor who's also been a frequent contributor to my Comments section and fan at Hokie football games. With nearly identical credentials (other than the Roanoke pastor and fan at Hokie games part) is Bobby Allison-Gallimore, who runs the Caffeinspiration site. Our final addition is the re-adding of John Hohman, who's a pretty amusing read.

While not exactly an addition, I'm replacing John Hawkins' former site (inactive since April) with Right Wing News, which is Most Excellent.

I'd also like to thank Natalie Solent for some recent links and wish Jeffrey Collins of Joyful Christian the best of luck in getting over his sickness. He appears to be back with a vengeance, though, so all seems well for now.

Make sure you check out these people, and be sure to tell their referrer logs that HokiePundit sent you.

(A quick note: according to my own referrer logs, several people are clicking on those hyperlinks where I link back to my own page. If the hyperlinked text is "HokiePundit" then I'm just amusing myself, and the link will just add to my hit counter. Thus, the decision to stoke my ego rests entirely with you, the consumer. Full disclosure, and all that...)

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