Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Anglicans Unite!

As you may or may not know, I'm an Anglican by denomination (contain your disbelief: evangelical Anglicanism isn't an oxymoron). However, while I was baptized into the Episcopal Church, USA (ECUSA is the American province of the Anglican Communion), I refuse to call myself an Episcopalian, as ECUSA has grown too spiritually corrupt to be my home. From what I've observed, the Church of England (the English branch of the AC) is in a similar state.

However, looking on Blogs4God, I found two excellent Anglican news sites, St. Peter's News Service and The Prayer Book Society. I'm sure the pending schism within the Anglican Communion isn't of interest to that many people, but since I'm the autocrat of this website, my will be done.

Incidentally, I ought to mention that despite what the non-religious claim, most American denominations don't regard other denominations as enemies, but as rivals to be convinced. I'm an Anglican, and while I disagree with the Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, etc. on several, sometimes many points, I wouldn't mind if one of my future children were to become a Pentecostal or Russian Orthodox Catholic. The cry of "with so many religions [sic], how can you claim that yours is right?" is shown to be misleading. All those denominations are Christian. It would be like saying "with fifty states, how can you ever expect to elect a president?"

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