Thursday, August 29, 2002


Yes, HokiePundit has had another bright idea, quite possibly due to listening to the Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back too many times.

I'm considering going back to London next summer. My goal is to get a flat, get a job, and experience England from the perspective of a member of the workforce, and not just as a student/tourist. If I can take a course in English History at King's College or UCL, that'll be even better, but not essential. My rudimentary calculations show that I should be able to afford it without dipping into my savings, though I'll have to get detailed figures to make sure I'm not planning on going to the Land of Make-Believe instead of England. I'll probably start hitting up the people I met in England for information in the near future and talking to the Study Abroad people here at Tech pretty soon, too.

It's not like I'm addicted to Britain or anything. The way I see it, going to another country (Canada most certainly does not count) for more than a few weeks is a rare and valuable experience, and should be jumped upon if possible. Also, by being able to see America without actually living in it, a unique opportunity is there to better understand my own culture and to further develop my own thoughts. Besides, over there (over there, over there...) I'm considered an Exotic Foreigner and am thus much in-demand. After several years of this, I'll also be considered a Well-Travelled Sophisticate back home, and thus further employable. I think that I'd ideally like a job with a British company this summer, get my Master's at an English university, and then work for an American company or the US gov't in England for several years.

You know, it's weird to actually have a five-year plan for once. Making it work will be even weirder.

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