Sunday, August 25, 2002

Set List

Yes, if you were in the stands at the Hispanic College Fund Football Classic at Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas State, in addition to seeing a 63-7 (56-0 at the half) rout, you saw the Marching Virginians dance during Monster on a Leash. Of course, you'd already heard Superman, Carry Me Back to Old Virginny, VPI Victory March, and you later heard Tech Triumph, and had seen us turn the Commonwealth of Virginia into a VT, into HOKIES, flip HOKIES around, and then form a VT facing the opposite direction, but it was the dance that you loved. For your edification, a description:

4 counts "White Boy from NOVA" (that thing where one arm goes behind your head, the other grabs your ankle, and you sort of convulse)
4 counts Sprinkler to the left
4 counts Sprinkler to the right
8 counts Monster Clap
8 counts Butt to opposite stands
left slap, right slap, pelvic thrust, pelvic thrust
4 counts Dirty Sanchez (nose wipe)
8 counts Burro to the left
finish with feet in a Meaningful Spread (now defined as "big enough for Fez [a tuba player] to crawl through")

Oh yes. We got a standing ovation.

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