Friday, August 23, 2002

I'm sorry if you've been coming here looking for content lately. I'm a Rank Captain in the Marching Virginians, and with our first game (and therefore show) being on Sunday, I've had absolutely no time to blog. My section this year is electrifyingly good. The Mellophones are usually considered one of the weakest sections of the band, due heavily to the nature of the instrument itself, and also due to the fact that it's not anyone's primary instrument, but one used by French horn players when they march. In any case, we sound good this year, and everyone is a skilled marcher. Our director actually told our Section Leader that he'd had trouble sleeping because he was so excited about our section. Perhaps after Sunday's game against Arkansas State, I'll have more time to blog, but for now, it's all marching, all the time.

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