Monday, August 26, 2002

Don't Expect to Hear This Again

Okay, I was wrong.

In an earlier post, I said that I was very hesitant about discussing theology here, since I'm not entirely among Christians, and I felt that discussing it in the presence of those who don't understand it would be harmful to them (for the record, I still believe that while academic recognition of the ideas is possible for nonbelievers, actual understanding ("grokking" for you Heinlein fans) is impossible).

However, I was judging when I shouldn't have been. I'm not the judge. I'm just called to be a witness. My job is to say what I know as honestly and clearly as I can, and leave it to others to decide which end of my alimentary tract I'm speaking out of. I was thinking earlier that I wouldn't write much on theology in the next few weeks, since my mind was summer-numbed and I'm still in a bit of a funk (curse you, impossible summer romance!). However, as you may have gathered from the post immediately following this one, things are starting to warm up again. You know when you turn on the lights in an office bathroom, and the fluorescent light flickers for about a minute before finally snapping on? That's about where I am right now. Soon, you'll see HokiePundit back up to full speed, and capable of linking and even permalinking things that he's been long overdue in doing.

Thanks for your patience, and here's to a stellar Junior year with an all-expenses-paid trip to the Fiesta Bowl this January!

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