Monday, August 05, 2002

Another Realization

So far, I've managed to resist using British English or to pick up an accent. Oh, I'll use it when I think it'll help people better understand me, but I don't use it unintentionally. However, some of the words and phrases have been fairly nifty. Thus, in addition to occasionally saying "bugger" and pronouncing "strawberries" as "strohbries" like I did before, there are some terms I may try to employ. However, there are also several I shan't (that was semi-deliberate; I've always wanted to use shall instead of will, but never really gotten around to it). Thus, lists.

Terms to Employ
Oh right ("I hadn't realized it, but it's nifty")
Spot on ("exactly")
Bloody ("freakin'")
Brilliant ("most excellent, sweet")
Dodgy ("It's untrustworthy/unreliable/bad")
Strop ("sulk-fest")
Shag ("get jiggy wit")

Terms to Avoid
Brolly ("umbrella")
Loo ("bathroom")
Lift ("elevator")
Cuppa ("cup of")
Neeps ("squash" [avoid eating, as well])
Tatties ("potatoes")
Bloke ("dude")
Mate ("hombre")
Chum ("compadre")
Partner ("friend with privileges")

Terms Brits Need
Craptacular [which doesn't violate what I said from the post below on the CofE]
Most Excellent (in the non-royal sense)

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