Thursday, July 04, 2002

You know, I like Britain. I wore my USA soccer jersey today, and never once did I hear a derogatory comment about America. Several of my co-workers wished me a happy Independence Day, and while the whole Revolutionary War and War of 1812 thing is in the past, it still meant a lot to hear that coming from the Brits. While I'm told the Guardian did its usual playa-hata routine, The Times (sorry, no internal linking available) had pretty good coverage, with front-page notice of articles inside about America. Oh, they pretended to do a He Said/She Said thing, but the anti- side was a semi-reprint from the author's book, and was just mealy-mouthed platitudes about the US using a lot of resources, making a lot of pollution, and disrespecting international law (I feel bad pointing this out, but the author had an Arabic name). Meanwhile, the article for the pro- side was three times as long as that of the anti-, and was very complimentary while still pointing out legitimate faults (yes, we do tend to be a bit anti-France sometimes, but that's because we regard them as stunningly ungrateful and pathetic seekers of past semi-gloire). It's because we respect Britain's sensibility that we so despise the European Union and the euro. We don't want to see our best friend (for all the occasional talk about Canada and Mexico, the UK is, and has been our closest ally and most dependable friend for many years) fall in with those lowlifes on the Continent. I can't remember the last time Britain lost a war, and they've been instrumental in spreading civilization and decency throughout the world. So on America's day of indepence, I'd like to thank the United Kingdom for being our good friend and wish them all the best as well.

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