Monday, July 15, 2002

Three More than the Answer

Three things that scare me:
-calling up a girl for the first time/asking for her number in the first place
-hanging out with people I don't know
-making a fool out of myself in front of or failing to protect those I'm responsible for

Three things that make me laugh:
-Brian Lee, aka "Mr. Hawk"
-British commercials
-being my post-ironic self, complete with the internal Gorillaz/Snatch/Ska internal soundtrack

Three things I love:
-My family and friends
-Stewart's Orange Cream soda

Three things I hate:
-rudeness and cruelty
-Smashing Pumpkins

Three things I don't understand:
-the Green Party
-what a "systems" major does

Three things on my desk:
-CD playa
-The Count of Monte Cristo

Three facts about me at this moment:
-I'm listening to Reel Big Fish's Beer, one of my favorite songs
-I didn't go to sleep last night
-I'm unhappy that I haven't found anyone who shares my love of history and science, and especially no one with those interests who's also an Evangelical

Three facts about me in general:
-You don't know me. This is my own fault, of course, for being too shy and arrogant.
-I'm usually pretty upbeat, but with occasional short periods of extreme funk
-I'm willing to admit that Hey Mickey is one of my favorite songs

Three things to do before I die:
-write a book
-help cause someone to be converted to Christianity
-win an award or come in first place in something

Three things I can do:
-play French horn
-give good advice, so I'm told
-listen without judging

Three things I can't do:
-abide stupidity
-sing/dance very well
-fluttertongue, which is a skill used in playing the horn, and isn't something dirty

Three famous people I'd like to meet:
-St. Paul
-St. Thomas Aquinas
-St. Francis of Asissi

Three songs I like:
-Beer, by Reel Big Fish
-Sunday Bloody Sunday, by U2
-Carry On Wayward Son, by Kansas

Three things that turn me on about another person:

Three movies I watch all the time:
-The Razor's Edge (1984 version)
-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Three things I say the most:
-"How are you?" in an Ah-nuld accent from Kindergarten Cop
-"Outstanding!" in a Sgt. Hartmann accent from Full Metal Jacket

(list via Dave Tepper)

p.s. In case you were somehow on another planet, such as Stavromula Beta, 42 is the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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