Friday, July 12, 2002

Rod Dreher is apparently a hippie. I must agree in part and disagree in part. While liberals tend to be wacky and confused, that doesn't mean they're worthless braindead trolls. I like sandals, punk/ska music, and nature. Of course, so do many conservatives. I do have to take offense to Dreher's claims that the suburbs are bad. Perhaps he grew up in the country, or in the city dreaming of escaping. I grew up in the suburbs, and I like them very much. Strip malls are not an abominable eyesore, but a low-key convenience. Organic foods are expensive and often not very good. Recycling is often just as polluting as just throwing things out, and a lot more expensive (a few years ago, I read that Fairfax County was going to have to pay a landfill for not using the amount they said they would, since they'd been recycling so much, so I deliberately began throwing cans and bottles away in an effort to help save money). I still say that coffee sucks. So long as we take a pass on the suburbs-bashing, I'm willing to go with what Rod said.

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