Friday, July 19, 2002

More Adventures in Foreign Languages

Me: "Who's going to the pub tonight?"
Manager: "[lists five or six people]"
Me: "What about Tamara?"
Manager: "No, we're going today."
Me: (emphasizing) "No, Tamara"
Manager: (slowly) "We're going to-day. Tomorrow's no good."
Me: "Tah-mah-rah. Chick. From Surrey."
Manager: "Oh, Tamara. Oh, don't be worried about it, mate."
Me: (utterly confused) "Huh? She told me that's where she's from."
Manager: "She's from Dorchester. I thought you said sorry."
Me: "Dorchester? She told me Surrey."
Manager: "Dorchester's in Surrey."
Me: "Ah. And to think, I haven't even been drinking."

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