Monday, July 15, 2002

Labelling People

Okay, the Unrequited Links zone in my Land o' Links is for those people who haven't linked back to me. It's nothing personal, but it does mean that everyone who actually has permalinked me gets put higher and thus gains valuable publicity. The categories are pretty much just arranged in the order I thought of them, other than that one section.

A week or so ago, I realized that Natalie Solent wasn't permalinking me, and so I dumped her right down to the sheol that is Unrequited Links. However, after an all-night campaign of insomnia, I got back from work to find that I've been permalinked by the lovely and talented Ms. Solent. She is now back in the "Plunder n' Wimmins" category where she rightfully belongs.

Kids, take heed. If you permalink me and I find out about it, Santa might just have a spot on HokiePundit's blogroll for you. Of course, if you try and play me with a one-time plug, beware. Remember that in the East, when a man is sentenced to death, he is sent to a place from which he cannot escape, never knowing when the assassin will strike. Expect it most when you expect it least.

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