Friday, July 12, 2002

Conspiracy Theory

Read this, and tell me how reliable this guy is going to be on the witness stand. He has got to be stupid beyond belief to have turned in that tape when he was on the lam. Seriously, has he no brains whatsoever? Firstly, I doubt that the LAPD is going to arrest the principal witness in a case against them just in order to scare him, especially after the story's already broken. As for him getting roughed up, I similarly think that the LAPD would have to be beyond dumb to actually do this.

Meanwhile, check out the quote by his lawyer. Apparently people who support law enforcement are white supremacists who are against the rights of Black people.

Look, we don't know what happened yet. The stories range from Brutal White Supremacist Cop beats poor, defenseless minor to bloodied LAPD officer forcibly restrains violent youth after having testicles grabbed. I think we should remember that in most cases, the cops are the good guys. Also, if race was an issue, wouldn't the black cop in the video have done something more than mildly restrain the cop who did the shoving?

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