Thursday, July 18, 2002

All the News That's Fit to Blog

There was a strike by the London Metro workers today, meaning I had to walk to work today, which took about as look as it takes to ride. I didn't really care. It meant that there weren't all that many people at the museum today, so we closed precisely on time and hit the pubs, where I defended America, said that Israel would conquer Arabia if it felt like it, and declared that I voted for Bush. Unfortunately, the girl I kinda-sorta like wasn't able to make it, probably because of the strike. Bugger. Apparently I'm not as subtle as I thought, since it was pointed out to me that I liked her. In response, I said that with only 2 1/2 weeks left, it would be irresponsible and ungentlemanly of me to try and start anything other than hanging out, to which astonished "you mean you're not going to try to shag her?" looks greeted me. Silly country.

I've been reading The Count of Monte Cristo lately, and have been making a lot of progress. However, at 425 pages so far, I'm not quite halfway through the book yet, which isn't all that bad. Meanwhile, I've been getting a little upset when the homosexuals at the museum just stand and smile at me for several minutes on end. It pisses me off, though I'm too polite to say so.

I've received some kind links lately, which I'm too tired to properly reply to right now, though I will in the near future. Working at the Natural History Museum drains me of all brain-power, since I'm concentrating hard for several hours per day. At the Handel museum, I'm brain-dead through lack of exertion by the end of the day. C'est la vie.

In conclusion: America rules, Europe can bite us, Bush choking on a pretzel is the kind of thing that happens to people, Britain's nice but certainly not home, I never seem to have luck with the ladies due to an evil alliance of Evangelical belief, striving to be a gentleman, lack of guts, and lack of time, everything in England can be described as either "dodgy" or "brilliant," all the Scottish girls I've seen have been unattractive, all the Welsh people I've met have been gay, I've met a straight girl named Gay, most Brits don't know their own history, and Maggie Thatcher is loathed by a lot of Britain.

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