Friday, July 26, 2002

Alert, Alert!

Check out the Libertarian International icon at Samizdata. The first time I saw it, it looked as though it said "UBER-ARIAN." Now, some points (and I promise you, I do have them). First, why haven't any of the speling-chalanged members of the Left attacked them for this apparently pro-Third Reich sentiment? Libertarians are the uber-Arians! Run for your lives!

Alternatively, the Samizdatans could be expressing their belief that Jesus Christ was merely a prophet, and not the Son of God in the Trinitarian view. If this is the case, I expect lively discussion from the Catacombs portion of Blogistan, and am willing to do my part.

Lastly, it could refer to one of the major groups to be Arian before the schism was crushed by the Catholics: the Vandals (no, not the Left, the Germanic tribe). This could be an acknowledgement by Team Samizdata that their free-market, Godlessly capitalistic ways are similar to that of barbarian hordes, searching for plunder and booty (especially booty).

I will leave it to my educated and observant readers to decide which is the most likely scenario.

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