Saturday, July 06, 2002

Ah, Those Wacky Brits

I've had some interesting bits of conversation since I've been over here. The following are just a few brief representative snippets:

Me: "Yeah, my roommate set my alarm clock really early this morning."
Male co-worker: "Is this your boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend?"
Me: [Good God!] "My friend. We're in a suite with another student from my school."

Female co-worker: "Hello, I'm Gay."
Me: [That's an awfully blatant way of introducing yourself. Oh, duh.] "I'm Robert."

Me: "We've been having a lot of people suggest things to add to our gift shop."
Supervisor: "Yeah, I'd like to get some pencils, pens, and rubbers with our logo in here."
Me: *snicker*
Supervisor: "What? Oh, that's right, you're a Yank."

Coordinator: "I need you to go down to the Tesco's and pick up some stuff."
Me: (stares blankly) "What's Tesco's?"
Coordinator: (to manager) "Oh, you had to get the Yank to run the errand, didn't you?"

PR guy: "Could you pick up that stack of A5 paper and bring it downstairs for me?"
Me: "I haven't the faintest clue what A5 paper looks like."

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