Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Single White Male, 20, seeks other like-minded Xtian bloggers for group-blog. Willing to split cost of regular hosting on BlogSpot. Disdain for UVA a must. Place inquiries in Comments section or email HokiePundit.

UPDATE: Okay, I've created a blog for this, and it's tentatively called Department of Theology at University of Blogistan. I haven't invited anyone to join yet, but I plan to shortly. I'll start by inviting perhaps four or five of the Christian bloggers I'm most familiar with, and then branch out from there (incidentally, I'd like to share maintenance powers, if any of the invitees are interested). Basically, I want a place similar to Libertarian Samizdata where people who want their theology straight-up without posts on sports, camping trips, school, or other secular things can go. The material doesn't have to be original, and I'd welcome reprints from members' sites (perhaps guest writers as things progress). Ideally, in truncated form, this is how it would look:

KH: [agrees with LF's comments, comes to utterly different conclusion]
CB: [Catholic vs. Protestant thoughts on Virgin Mary]
LF: [agree in part with both CG and MB; forms separate conclusion]
CG: [concern with aspect of MB's post; own thoughts on repentance]
MB: [thoughts on repentance]
HP: [talks about nature of hell]

Make of the initials what you will.

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