Sunday, June 23, 2002

Once again, the Derb has an excellent piece on NRO, detailing the problems with having non-contiguous parts of one state. Now, I will pretend to know more about world politics than I really do and blither for a bit.

Just as an idea to put on the table, what if the Israelis started a policy of seeing (not "recognizing") two Palestines? Divide and conquer and all that. Every time there's a bombing, tanks roll into the West Bank. Gaza is given some bonuses, such as reduced time at checkpoints, and generally treated like a citizen of the world. Eventually, Gaza is recognized and the West Bank is somewhat-permanently occupied. The Palestinians would now have a state, and Israel could say that it's done what it could, but, gee, only a few Palestinians wanted to listen!

Or, they could just let the tanks roll through Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt, not stopping until Baghdad, Riyadh, and Cairo. Whichever.

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