Sunday, June 23, 2002

Okay, lots of stuff to blog about, so off we go!

First, this piece on Elvish propaganda (via InstaPundit). I think I can elaborate. After all, don't the races in Middle Earth resemble some of the powers that be in today's world?

First, as Mr. Moritz notes, we have the Elves. Who else could these be but the French? They do nothing, make up stories about their past glory, try to boss the other peoples around, and then claim credit once all the hard work has been done.

Next, we have the Dwarves. Living in the depths and formerly opponents of the Elves, these must be the Eastern Europeans. They're basically good people, but tend to get tricked a lot, and thus have a fair level of resentment against the rest of Middle Earth. Smart Men would do well to try and gain the aid of the Dwarves, since much could be gained on both sides.

Thirdly, the Hobbits. These are the British. They're a sturdy, reliable people who won't leave you when the going gets tough. Oh, they prefer tea and elevensies over adventure, but it's their iron determination that usually makes or breaks a quest.

Finally, Men. These are the Americans, the most powerful of the races and the ones due to inherit the world. They're often engaged in petty quarrels and like talking about themselves, but when roused, are truly fearsome. It is Men who do the hardest work, and who get the least credit.

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