Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Life is Beautiful Dep't: Tonight I went to the Globe Theatre in Southwark to see A Midsummer Night's Dream. I'd never seen or read it before, so I wasn't sure to expect. It didn't seem well to me that we had gotten "standing room" tickets, so I knew I'd be on my feet for several hours (I consoled myself by realizing that I'm on my feet for just as long for Virginia Tech football games, so it's not like I couldn't hack it). Anyway, it turned out better. In fact, it turned out to be outstanding and one of the best and most entertaining things I've ever seen. Afterwards, my group walked across the Millennium Bridge directly opposite the illuminated dome of St. Paul's Cathedral on our way to the subway. It was beautiful. What it did was make me wish I was on my honeymoon with my new wife arm-in-arm, where we'd have some champagne and then fall into a peaceful sleep.

I'm a poet at heart, really. I'm happy.

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