Thursday, June 20, 2002

It's been a tiring day. Let me just say that it's almost frustrating how many attractive girls/womenfolk there are in England. I'm not kidding. I think the secret is in the demeanor. By not seeming to know (or at least care) that they're pretty, an Englishwoman makes herself twice as attractive. (sigh). Seriously, it's impossible to even ride the subway without having some stunning girl in your car. One can't stay in England forever, though, and so, alas...

Anyway, I utilized Jimi Hendrix' facilities. I'm working at the Handel House Museum in London, which is the place where George Frederick Handel lived for many years. Right next door is the place where Jimi Hendrix lived from 1968-1969, and the HHM owns both townhouses. Thus, Hendrix' bedroom is the office, and another of his rooms is the lounge. His bathroom is our bathroom. I've also bumped my head on the tiny, scary stairway from the lounge to the office that apparently members of the Rolling Stones bumped their heads on, many years ago. Apparently, several members of the Stones used our lounge as a guest bedroom on occasion, and fell down the tiny, scary stairway several times after getting stoned. Thus, they were rolling stoners (ba-bump ching)!

Lastly, I'm getting up at 7:30 to watch the England-Brazil game, and I'll use my lunch hour to catch the second half of the USA-Germany game. Being an optimist, I think both England and the US will win (and will hopefully meet in the finals, with America winning, of course). I'll say 3-2 in overtime for England, and 3-3 (4-3) shootout win for the US. I'm sure just to spite me, Brazil and Germany will crush the Good Guys, but perhaps not.

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