Monday, June 10, 2002

Congrats are due to Patrick Carver (aka Ole Miss Conservative) for moving onto Blogspot! I'd noticed a while ago, but hadn't had a chance to update my links. He was also kind enough to list something I said as his Quote of the Day.

In return, the Lyrics of the Day for today shall be from a song I first heard on the OMC's website (his archives are kind of funky right now, or else I'd link to it).

"I must have been confused or vain
to let this evil in my brain.
Lord did I enjoy the change
that you made inside my heart?
Oh here they come
I'm not afraid
there's no temptation I can't evade.
Stand up straight
look through the haze
I begin to walk through the maze
here they come
they're all up on me
but I'm dead to sin like
some kind of zombie.
I hear you speak and I obey
some kind of zombie
I walked away from the grave
some kind of zombie
I will never be afraid
some kind of zombie
I gave my life away.
I'm obliged and obey
I'm enslaved to what you say."
-Audio Adrenaline, Some Kind of Zombie

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