Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Well, they've caught most of the people involved in the recent spray-painting of campus. They're being charged with felonies, and I think they deserve it. We have a beautiful campus, and the last thing we need is some idiot NOW-nothings spray-painting stupid slogans like "Smash Patriarchy" on our library's glass windows and on Hokie Stone buildings, which are expensive to repair. I mean, it's common and acceptable to use chalk to put "You Can Stop Rape" on the sidewalks (though you risk the retaliatory "You Can Stop Raping Goats" campaign of two years ago), but paint is beyond the pale. Looking at these students, we begin to notice a pattern. They're all at least 20, and two are former students. Three of the four I could find in HokieStalker (the VT Personal Look-Up System) are majoring in soft social sciences. Allison Berg was the Green candidate for Town Council (she got arrested on election day!). Why do I not think that you'd find a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering major from Lynchburg doing this kind of stuff?

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