Friday, May 10, 2002

Well, I'm sure you already know, but Sergeant Stryker's Daily Briefing no longer exists. However, no need to fear! The Man with No Name is still doing Beers Across America (same URL), so we've still got his seriously high-quality writing. Check it out.

It sounds like he also got busted by his superiors (a lot of officers really have nothing better to do than yell at NCOs). I'm not sure if this only applies to officers, but I know that soldiers (sailors, airmen, etc.) aren't supposed to officially criticize their chain of command, such as the President. Even bumper stickers are often prohibited. Sarge had mentioned, over time, his service branch, approximate rank, specialty, current assignment, at least one former assignment, and family status. I can understand the importance of the policy, but it's not like he was posting under his real name. A shame, but at least we've still got Beers Across America.

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