Wednesday, May 15, 2002

I know I haven't finished my draft, but I've done some work on it, so I'll do a little posting. I went hiking today at Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah National Park. My friends Christian and Brian and I set a pretty impressive pace, doing the ten miles in less than three hours (counting a short water break and a longer break for lunch, and not taking elevation into account). I think I'm out of shape, but then, for me "being in shape" means being able to crack walnuts in the crook of my elbow and running a four-minute mile. I'm not remotely close to either, so I guess I'm destined to live in perpetual disappointment. However, I was riding shotgun on the way back in Christian's Toyota Camry, and we all noticed that there was a BMW convertible being driven by a Daddy's Little Girl about our age with her friend. I glimpsed them as we passed them at one point, and they weren't bad looking (I didn't swivel my head and stare like my compadres, but then I'm pretty arrogant about not "sinking to that level"). Well, there was a decent song on the radio, so I figured "what the heck, I'm going to rock out." Well, I was seriously grooving and even throwing in some gratuitous headbanging for the heck of it, when I noticed that this BMW had followed us across three lanes. Neither amigo was breaking it down, so I figured it was time to really ham it up. As we were about to take a ramp off, they sped past us and the prettier of the two waved at me (I waved back, of course). The moral of the story? Always rock out. Compliments like that will keep my ego stoked for at least a week (remind me to relate my tale of being a gentleman and the accompanying suffering some time). I rule.

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