Monday, May 13, 2002

Apparently, the world (or the part of it that counts) thinks I'm straying into Unitarianism with my post below. Almost, but not quite. As I said in my post, there are things that I honestly just don't know at this point. What I've said is what I consider to be the bare minimum of my beliefs. I'm the kind of person that will constantly examine and re-examine something, and so I don't want to go off all half-cocked and assert something that I'm not positive I agree with. I suspect that there's far more than what I expounded below, but I don't want to risk inconsistencies later on if my view changes. Also, as for non-Christians achieving salvation, I meant those that had never been really exposed to Christianity (that's official doctrine of most churches I know of). It seems to me that at the very least, Christianity provides the simplest way to reunify with God. To sate my critics, I'll say that I think it's probably the only way (assuming exposure to it, of course), but I haven't investigated other claims enough to say fairly that I think they're wrong. It's probably because both my parents are lawyers, and I like to be very careful in what I say and how it's said. Sue me.

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