Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Apparently, in the view of my roommate, I was drunk last night. I heartily disagree, but I can understand his point. I'm also told that I'm a very talkative drinker, and furthermore that it had been discussed among those at the other pub last night and decided that I probably would be. Enough of this "I sorta-kinda got tipsy!" business, since I'm sure that's not why you come to HokiePundit.

Today, I went to the British Natural History museum, which I didn't really like. I've found that I'm starting to not like a lot of big museums (the Smithsonian, etc.), and I think the problem is that it's geared more towards foreign tourists and school groups. Almost everything at the BNH museum was stuff I'd already learned, and I get bored when I'm not learning. I will say that I enjoyed the gemstone collection, but then, I would always enjoy the gemstone collection at any museum. After that, I rode the Eye of London (the world's largest Ferris wheel) and braved the steak for dinner. It was actually excellent, and the fries (chips) were top-notch. Corona had come highly recommended to me (despite the stories of Mexicans urinating in it), and it proved to live up to the hype (not the peeing part) (I hope).

London itself is an interesting town. It's very flat, while DC and Alexandria are rolling and hilly. I'm starting to learn how to be a pedestrian here without getting killed, and even managed to walk all the way over to Buckingham Palace from my place in Kensington this morning to see the changing of the guard (which I didn't see because the first changing is apparently at 11:30). People aren't exactly standoffish, but privacy is highly valued. Given that London is so compact, I guess I can understand that, though I do miss the friendliness of Virginia. I've decided that what I need to do is go to a sports pub during a World Cup match. I'm one of the few Americans I know who likes to watch soccer (football here), and so I doubt I'll be bored. I've also noticed in myself and in other people in my group that we're starting to pick up British-isms. I'm already saying "pardon" instead of "'scuse me," and the only music I seem to be in my head is Handel's Water Music, U2, the Trainspotting soundtrack, and, unrelatedly, Rocky Top, which I've never even heard in its entirety. Such is life here. I'm definitely behind on my reading of other blogs, though I do try to cycle through every few days. It's past midnight now, so I'm off to bed. G'night Yanks!

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