Monday, April 01, 2002

Well, I finally got around to linking some of the people I've been meaning to. Under Millennials, we've got the Ole Miss Conservative. Consie Christers include Krempasky, Midwest Conservative Journal, and Brothers Judd, while Protein Wisdom chose the revolving-name category. Also, we've added two new categories. The category of Plunder and Wimmins, from a South Park episode, is for female bloggers, featuring Spinster for the first time, and as the new home for Natalie Solent. Jay Zilber obviously couldn't be put under Consie Christers, since he's Jewish, so he's got his very own category of "Right-Wing Brews."

If you're in my links, but think you're in the wrong category, please let me know. And no, you can't be in a category in which you're not mocked.

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