Wednesday, April 17, 2002


"Oh Bjork, Bjork, were you brought by the stork?
Or were you created from butter and cork?
I love you so much that I act like a dork
Oh Bjork, oh Bjork, oh Bjork

I was cruising the channelbox, looking for Mork
Or Fantasy Island with suave Mr. Rourke
But then when I saw her, I near dropped my fork
My heart spun around with incredible torque

She's small, and she's odd like a lepton or quark
She's much more attractive than even Judge Bork
I'd travel the nation, LA to New York
But she's probably in Iceland, so that wouldn't work

If she'd let me, her love I would hork
I'd die for her with help from Dr. Kevork
Let's go to my bedroom, that's where we will..."

-Brunching Shuttlecocks, "Bjork Song"

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