Monday, April 22, 2002

My mind is blown. This article details Amnesty International's claims of a massacre in Jenin by Israeli troops. Here's a quote from the article:

Forensic pathologist Derrick Pounder from Dundee University in Scotland, who had just returned from Jenin, said the lack of severely injured people admitted to the hospital backed claims that Palestinian doctors and ambulance men had been impeded.

"There were no severely injured in the hospital, and very few corpses. It is inconceivable that, as well as the dead, there were not large numbers of severely injured," said Pounder, who estimated a conflict of this nature and intensity would have produced roughly three badly injured victims to every one dead.

Call me crazy, but is it, just maybe, possible that the lack of bodies and severely-injured people at the hospital may be due to there being a lack of bodies and severely-injured people? Check out this set of pictures from the Israeli government, and tell me if it looks like the Israeli army went in and just kicked donkey at random.

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