Tuesday, April 16, 2002

It just occurred to me, but do you know what separates Christianity from all other belief systems? You're asked to love your neighbors and God while you're alive. Now, a good response would be "why not just always do what's in your own best interest?" After all, unless all or at least nearly all people love each other, those who do love are going to get shafted. Christianity's response to this is say that after we die, those of us who actually did love will be resurrected into a community of other lovers. Thus, since we'll all be saints, the system will work. All that remains is to provide reasonable evidence that this claim is true.

I'll probably expand on this later, but I've got class in just a few minutes. Also, good news! I found out today that what I'd thought was a sixteen-page paper is actually only twelve pages, including title and reference pages. Scha-wing!

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