Monday, April 08, 2002

I wish we could establish some sort of "ring discipline" for people who wear them. I'm not a girl, husband, or Junior (well, I have 61 credits so I technically am, but...), so I personally don't. However, my understanding was that for guys, the right ring finger is for your class ring, your left ring finger is for your wedding ring, and everything else is basically off-limits unless you're a Cardinal or Mafia Don, in which case the pinkie is acceptable. As for girls, I just get confused sometimes. As all guys know, the first thing we look for in a girl isn't a pretty face, ample bosom, child-bearing hips, or a nice [donkey]. We look for an utterly naked left ring finger. A plain gold band or something with diamonds means that they're married or engaged. However, I'm confused by anything else. Is this a promise ring? Does it mean you've got a boyfriend? Are you just trying to tell people you're not dating right now? Does that ring only fit there? Are you just oblivious? If there is a Lord of the Rings out there who can explain this to me, I'd be very grateful.

I'd also agree not to use the Lord of the Rings pun again.

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