Wednesday, April 03, 2002

I keep getting Googled for the Powerline Airstrike 240. Maybe by mentioning the Powerline Airstrike 240 again, I can boost myself to #1 on Google, since I've apparently fallen to #4 for "Stupid Hokie Tradition." Drat.

Anyway, I like my BB gun. It comes with both metal and plastic pellets, though you should only shoot the plastic ones at your friends (the metal ones hurt more, but won't kill you or anything). It's...fairly accurate, and can hurt like a [person with an Oedipus Complex] if shot properly. One guy I know bought a laser sight (!) for his, and managed to hit me in the jugular from across the room. It hurt like anything, but I didn't die or get crippled or even cry like usual. The manual says that the clip holds 15 rounds, but I've found that you can get 18 in the clip, plus one in the chamber itself. Occasionally the loading doesn't work properly, but that's usually a result of not pulling back hard enough on the loader. The hammer also sometimes gets a little stuck and has to be re-cocked, but our hall's survivalist from Tennessee found that with a little oil, that clears right up.

While I know that most regular readers of this blog don't care too much about my toy ("NOT A TOY" says the writing on the side of my gun, but I filed off the "NOT"), but if people are Googling for info, I'm here to give it to them. Hasta la victoria siempre! ("Let the party begin!")

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