Monday, April 22, 2002

Hypothesis: A ten-page paper detailing the issue of gun control within a structural-functional framework can be completed in 30 hours (minus time for bathroom breaks, a band rehearsal, and possibly classes).

Materials: 30 hours, 3 cans of caffeine (Red Bull, 180, and some other brand; expect a review at some point), 3 Chupa-Chups (all Cherry Vanilla-flavored), 1/2 bag frosted animal crackers, computer, ethernet connection, music, and a sweet toke of a hallmate's ethanol-ammonia smelling salts (mmm...). Hopefully, the smelling salts thing won't hurt me, since had it under my nose for about five minutes, but hey, it's not like any more damage cadklh be donseeeeeeggg.....sdshldskghkl.....

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