Thursday, April 25, 2002

Cap'n Steve has only just discovered the section of blogs that he calls "The Catacombs, " which features sites like Mark Byron, Mark Butterworth, Louder Fenn, Eve Tushnet, everyone else on my Consie Christers links, and several others (I'm not really familiar with Mark Shea, for instance, but I've heard of his site). Personally, I prefer the "Augustinian Wonder Boys" label, but Catacombs is fine (though it does make it seem like we're some fringe movement). It occurred to me a while I ago that this section of Blogistan is sort of a combination of a webring and a usegroup or BBS (though one rarely-mentioned benefit is that there's virtually no flaming whatsoever). However, there's a key difference. If you want to participate heavily, you have to do a fair amount of work. Now, you can always post in the Comments section and be heard, but your voice is utterly dependent on people reading the person you're responding to. To be heard, you have to not only set up and maintain your own blog, but also link to and keep in touch with other bloggers. For all I know, the Pope has a blog, but since he hasn't contacted anyone in this province of Blogistan (if the idea of provinces of Blogistan, such as warbloggers, theology, chat, etc. catches on, I want it to be known that HokiePundit lays claim to thinking it up first), we'll never know. My discussions with the other amateur theologians out there have been of enormous benefit, since we've got such a diverse pool of experience and knowledge. I'm sure you all know this, it's just that my mind is blown that a big name like USS Clueless didn't know of this area (though none of the other "Top Shelf" bloggers comment on it, so I can understand why). Anyway, it's time for bed.

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