Friday, March 08, 2002

Sergeant Stryker relays a conspiracy theory which says that it was really a truck bomb, and not a Boeing, that destroyed part of the Pentagon. I'll admit to having a bit of a problem. On one hand, people saw the plane crash. There's no denying that four planes were hijacked, and so I'd like to know where the last one went if it didn't crash into the Pentagon. My dad's friend's wife actually had a piece of engine fall in through her sunroof without her realizing it as she went to work in Arlington. I actually drove by there a few months ago, and the outer four rings were gone on a portion of one side. On the other hand, the conspiracy theorist's pictures do support his claim. I would imagine that the stone ediface of the outer ring would be far stronger than the metal fuselage of a plane, but the pictures do clearly show only one ring missing. I suppose it's possible the pictures could be doctored. I definitely believe that a plane hit the building, but I would like an explanation for the pictures more detailed than "just see for yourself."

Also, over at the Sarge's, I'm listed under "Salty Nuts." Can anyone tell me what this means? Am I just a goober, or what?

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