Saturday, March 09, 2002

Scrolling down at the aforementioned, I discover that there's to be a DC Blogfest. Unfortunately for yours truly (and apparently for Ben, too), it's the week after Virginia Tech's (and JMU's, and W&M's) break. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to get some bloggers from UVA or VCU (*snicker*). If anyone is interested in scheduling a DC Blogfest II some time in early-to-mid May, that would be awesome. Any time after that, and I'll be off in Merry Olde England for ten weeks.

Moving down, we here at HokiePundit noticed that the worthy Ben wants us to develop a killer instinct and go for it. Alas, it is not something I'm in a position to do right now (mostly because I lack a car, though the job and college degree are also missing from the equation). He is right that I need a killer instinct, though (if I have to develop it, is it really an instinct? Why do I have so many parenthetical thoughts?), especially since I seem to seriously lack one. I got beaten by my sister 10-1 in foosball today, though the other games were a 10-9 loss and a 10-9 win. That's what I get for playing on her crooked table (half her goals come from hitting the back side, and the ball bouncing around my goalie to score. Stupid gravity.).

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