Friday, March 22, 2002

Oh my gosh. Laying awake at night, it just occurred to me how much stuff I'm trying to do at once. There's HokiePundit, CampusNonsense, College Republicans, debating on the Freethinker Listserv here at Tech, band (and the hours of practicing that go with it), church, Citizens for Correll, a huge reading list, a 16-page paper on Gun Control, a 17-page paper on the European Union, another 17-page paper on Scottish Devolution, and sundry preparations for tests. I'm going to have to cut back. I think I'll go stealth on the Freethinkers, limit myself to one post per week on CampusNonsense, and put off a few of the books on my list for now. There might also be an increase in the ratio of Link+Comment+Quote posts on HokiePundit to essays and Theological Forays for a while.

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