Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Announcements! Firstly, the links category of "Awaiting Orders" for people I haven't been able to fully classify will now have a rotating name, chosen from among other blogs. The first such change shall be to "Creamy Nougat," from the Sarges' site (yes, that apostrophe is in the right place). Next, I've created a new links category; "Ferners." As we all know, ferners are people not from 'round here. They're from over yonda. Anyway, I've noticed that No Watermelons Allowed and Pundit 21 have been kind enough to link to me. For now, they'll go in the Name Rotation Links Section. When I think of a clever acronym, I'll call it that.

Seriously, I'm just about to stop blogrolling and actually provide original content. Really.

UPDATE: "Creamy Nougat" isn't a category on the Sarges' page. It doesn't really make sense, either, so I shouldn've known. Disadvantage: HokiePundit!

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