Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Yes, like apparently the rest of Blogdom, I've taken the Philosophy Thingy. I'm ambivalent about some of the answers, so I took it several times with slight variations in my responses. Each time, I ended up with Aquinas 100%, Augustine ranging from 67% to 87% and in the top four, and Hobbes scoring less than 25% and being in the bottom two. The only other factor that seemed to remain fairly static was Epicureanism hovering around 67% each time. Thus, I've broken the apparent monopoly on Consie Christers such as Mark Byron, Kevin Holtsberry, and Ben Domenech (now permalinked!) by Augustine. That's HokiePundit, striking a blow for nonconformity! I do wonder that Epicureanism usually rated higher than Stoicism for me, but perhaps the questions asked weren't an accurate reflection in that regard.

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